LG Twins veteran pitcher Kim Jin-sung, 38, has thrown seven consecutive scoreless innings in the Korean Series. He also showed his crisis management skills in Game 2 of the Korean Series.

In Game 2 of the Korean Series against KT at Jamsil Stadium on April 8, Kim entered the game with runners on first and second in the bottom of the fourth inning, trailing 1-4.

Leading up to the Korean Series, Jin-sung’s arm was feeling a little sore during training camp. To avoid overexertion, he did not pitch in the two practice games against the Sangmu, and took the mound in the final game of the series on April 4. After getting hit by Song Chan-ui and getting Kim Bum-seok to ground out to shortstop, the pitching coach came to the mound to check on him. After checking his condition, Kim Jin-sung hit Heo Do-hwan to left field and was removed. He retired the side on 15 pitches.

In Game 2 of the Korean Series, Kim took the mound in front of a sold-out crowd of 23,750 at Jamsil Stadium and walked the first batter, Choi Soo-ho. With the bases loaded, one hit would have put the game out of reach.

Kim didn’t waver and struck out Kim Sang-soo with a four-pitch forkball to right field. The ball didn’t travel far enough for the right fielder to leap forward and make the catch, and the third baseman was unable to tag up. With two outs, Hwang struck out Jae-gyun Hwang on a four-pitch fastball to end the threat. His fastball touched 142 mph and he wasn’t in the best shape, but he was able to get out of the jam.

He pitched ⅔ of an inning, striking out one and walking none before handing the ball over to Baek Seung-hyun in the fifth. With the win, Kim extended his scoreless streak to seven games in the Korean Series. When he played in the NC in 2020, he appeared in all six games of the Korean Series against Doosan. He pitched 6⅔ innings, allowing five hits, striking out four, and walking three. It was NC’s first Korean Series win in its history.

However, he was placed on the disabled list after going 2-4 with a 7.17 ERA in 42 games, one save and nine holds in the 2021 season. As the team went through a generational change in its bullpen with younger players, it made founding members like Kim Jin-sung and Lim Chang-min ineligible for re-signing.

On October 4, the day after LG clinched the regular season title, Kim posted on his social media account. He wrote, “Those few months between being released from NC and coming to LG were really tough. It’s okay if it’s just me, but I have a family, so I couldn’t stay still for a day, and it was so hard when I called nine clubs one by one and asked them to let me try out for the team, but they all turned me down,” he recalled of his release from NC.

“The only one of them, Cha Myung-seok, said, ‘You’re Kim Jin-sung, what kind of test is it, if you come, I’ll just take it into consideration,’ and I was really grateful that he said this even if he didn’t receive any warm words.” He was later transferred to the NC second team.

Kim then asked the NC second team for their understanding, and in order not to interfere with the second team’s final training, he went to the NC second team’s stadium at 4 a.m. and trained until 7 a.m. to get in shape.

“Then LG contacted me, and after a physical, I joined LG. “When I joined LG, I said to myself, ‘I’m going to give everything I can to LG, and I’m going to show LG that I can win the championship with my skills,’ and I’m so happy and overwhelmed that we won the championship yesterday. I would like to thank the LG Twins organization and the LG Twins fans for giving me the opportunity to prove myself.”

Kim Jin-sung started the 2022 season with a fresh start in an LG uniform, serving as an “all-weather bullpen”. He dedicated himself to the team regardless of whether he was in the lead or in a must-win situation. He warmed up quickly in the bullpen and was always ready to pitch. In the 2022 season, Kim made 67 appearances (58 innings), posting a 6-3 record with 12 saves and a 3.10 ERA. The 67 games were the most of any bullpen pitcher on the team. His 58 innings were the third-most on the team.

After the season, he signed a two-year, $700 million free agent contract with LG. It was a modest amount of money compared to other free agents at such a late age, but it was a big deal for Kim, who made his first-team debut at 28 and had been released twice before.

This season, Jin-sung became more important to the team. And he performed better. He played 80 games this year, the most in his career, and went 5-1 with a 2.18 ERA, 4 saves, and 21 holds. Despite earning a salary of 200 million won, he was as good as a top free agent.

On October 5, he pitched ⅔ innings of scoreless relief against Lotte to earn his 100th career hold. He also set a personal record of 600 games played. 카지노사이트