In soccer, it’s customary for players from both teams to swap jerseys after a match. Manchester City’s “monster goalie” Holland had a very strange experience.

Reporter Youngmin Jeon reports.


Holland, who started the home game against Swiss Young Boys in the European Champions League, scored a penalty kick in the 23rd minute.

With City leading 2-0, Holland was heading to the locker room at the end of the first half when something unexpected happened.

The opposing team’s captain, Kamara, had followed him and asked for his jersey.

[Elling Holland/Man City striker: This isn’t right. (Thanks.)] 토토사이트

Holland shook his head, said he shouldn’t be doing this, and took off his jersey, which Kamara gratefully accepted.

It was an unfortunate moment for Holland’s popularity, but it was also criticized as not the behavior of a captain, especially at halftime, when the game wasn’t even over, and they were losing.

[Keith Curle/Sky Sports Commentator:] Holland is a great player, and of course he wants the jersey. But it doesn’t make sense at halftime of a Champions League game, when you’ve just conceded a goal and you’re 2-0 down].

Holland scored one more goal in the second half to give his team a 3-0 win and early qualification for the round of 16.

Substituted midway through and sitting on the bench, Holland came out onto the field after the game, smiling and greeting opposing players, before pulling his jersey out of his pocket and giving it to another.