It’s a case of pitching so well that you should call it a breakout, or trying to undercut a potential return to the major leagues. NC’s Eric Peddy has been accused of making just one postseason appearance. In fact, the player is said to have been hurt by the accusations against him.

The NC Dinos’ fall story has come to an end. NC ended its season with a 2-3 loss in the fifth game of the playoffs against the KT Wiz in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO Postseason’ at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Korea. The team took a 2-0 lead with the help of Shin Min-hyuk, who pitched 16 consecutive scoreless innings in his fall baseball debut season, but gave up a run and lost the game when Ryu Jin-wook gave up the winning run. In the process, Pedi did not pitch.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to go. He watched the game from the dugout and went to the bullpen, but he wasn’t ready to pitch. “He said he had a heavy shoulder,” Kang said after the game, explaining his move to the bullpen. It became a difficult situation.”

Pedey’s postseason performance this year was one run on three hits (one home run) in six innings in Game 1 of the playoffs with 12 strikeouts and one walk. It’s a shame for NC that their “Triple Crown” super ace, who went 20-0 (1st) in 30 regular season games, 6-0 with a 2.00 ERA (1st), 180⅓ innings pitched (4th), and 209 strikeouts (1st), only made one postseason appearance. It’s not unreasonable to wonder if the outcome would have been different if Peddie had pitched Game 5.

However, it’s hard to argue that Peddie was thinking about making it to the majors. He had already done a lot for NC.

From the first inning he pitched, it was a challenge. He has never pitched more than 144 innings in his professional career, which includes both the major leagues and the minors. He had 130 innings in 2021 (139⅓ in the majors) and 131 innings in 2022 (127 in the majors). This year, he went over 150 innings for the first time, then 160, 170, and 180.

I was able to skip the last regular season game in question. After clinching a postseason berth, NC sent Pedi to the mound against the Kia Tigers on April 16 to try to improve their standings. That’s when things went awry in the sixth inning. Pedi was hit in the right arm by a hard hit ball and was immediately replaced and taken to the hospital. One more strikeout would have brought his ERA into the single digits, but instead he was stuck at 2.00, and more importantly, his postseason chances were in jeopardy. This happened because Peddy didn’t take care of himself in the first place.

Preparations for the semifinals were bumpy. Originally, NC was expecting Peddie to start Game 3 of the semifinals, but he wasn’t feeling well and Tanner Tully was called up. Then the “Peddie is saving his body for the majors” rumors started to circulate as if they were true. 30 games and 180⅓ innings in the regular season was nothing.

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding because his agency is Boras Company. However, a representative from the agency said, “He really tried, and he apologized to the team for not pitching because he wasn’t feeling well. His message today was, ‘NC is a really good team, and I feel really bad that I couldn’t help them,'” the source said.

“It’s completely untrue that a major league contract is in the works. The major league free agent list has just come out.”

There’s no reason for a major league team to be “first in line” for Pedi, who is not a free agent but a player looking to return to the major leagues. For Peddy, he needs to be on the market, get his value evaluated, and raise his asking price. He doesn’t have a destination in mind, so he can’t be bought just because he thinks he’s going to the major leagues. It’s a matter of professionalism that teams will evaluate.

“The most he’s ever thrown is around 130 innings, and this year he’s gone over 186. It’s natural for that many innings to take its toll. Also, the fact that he pushed himself to come back quickly after being hit by a pitch affected his balance. He also pitched Game 1 while not at full strength. He’s genuinely upset that he didn’t make more postseason appearances.”

In fact, Pedi was completely unaware of the allegations that he was being called up. The NC team’s interpreter was careful not to give him any negative news so he could focus on preparing for his return. He only found out on the fifth day. It was unfair to him.

After the 5th game, Pedi broke down in tears and joined the team for a season-ending dinner. NC is trying to re-sign him, but it’s a tough sell. Peddy was already a star who drew many major league scouts throughout the season. 아톰카지노 mentioned him on Wednesday as one of several KBO and NPB stars who could soon be playing in the majors. The expectation was that he could make a big splash in the majors like Merrill Kelly (Arizona).

The outlet noted, “Peddy will be 31 next February. He will be eligible for free agency when he finishes this season in NC. He’ll be able to strike out more than one batter per inning thanks to a sweeper he honed after leaving the Washington Nationals for the 2022 season.” Pedi has also contributed to the development of baseball in South Korea by spreading the “trendy” sweeper to many pitchers in the KBO.