T1 cruises to a clean sweep against BLG with a spot in the quarterfinals on the line.

T1 defeated BLG 2-0 in the fourth round of the Swiss Stage of the LOL World Championship 2023 (LOL Cup) at KBS Arena in Gangseo, Seoul on Monday afternoon. With the win, T1 secured its fifth quarterfinal ticket. Among LCK teams, they are second only to Genji.

In the first game, T1 responded to BLG’s early invade with a jungle nidally pick. The successful defense gave T1 a foothold to roll the snowball quickly, and BLG was unable to stop it. T1 opened up a 5000+ gold gap in 17 minutes and showed off their ‘power disparity’.

Efficiently cooking BLG on every objective timing, T1 put BLG into a ‘knockdown’ state with a one-hit kill near Baron Nasher at 26-minutes. Heading into the enemy lane after a repair, T1 pushed through the remaining defenders to close out the nexus.

In game two, T1 struggled early on due to a combination of mistakes. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyuk’s Oriana scored two consecutive deaths, slowing down the growth of Cheng “Yagao” Tseng’s Sindra. ‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-je’s Gragas also crumbled after conceding two consecutive kills to Chen “Bin” Zebin’s Jax.

T1 made up some of the lost points with a successful counterattack in the 11-minute dragon fight. Once the spark was ignited, T1’s movements were sharp. As if forgetting their earlier mistakes, ‘Owner’ Moon Hyun-jun’s Jarvan IV opened up the battle in earnest, and the gap in growth between the two teams was almost closed.

After winning the mid lane engagement in the 20th minute, T1 was once again in full flow, scoring a high-scoring kill to take Sindra in the 25th minute. At 27-minutes, T1 gained the Baron Nasher buff and were now in a position to finish off their opponents.

In the 28th minute, T1 had BLG in a ‘knocked down’ state after a big jinx from the well-developed ‘Kumayushi’ Lee Min-hyung. BLG was unable to sustain the ‘head-to-head’ fight with T1. T1 then entered the enemy camp at 31-minutes and destroyed the nexus, punching their ticket to the quarterfinals. 온라인카지노