One hit like this in the Korean Series would be huge.

The LG Twins’ Lee Jae-won has one expectation. A single. LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said that he will bat Park Dong-won in the 7th and 8th spots. If one of the top batters, Park Dong-won at No. 7 or Lee Jae-won at No. 8, could hit a big one, LG’s offense would be a hit.

However, Yeom’s hopes were not realized. With Lee Jae-won injured from spring training, the Park Dong-won-Lee Jae-won “Gongalpo duo” was never formed. While Park was the nucleus of the bottom of the order with his early home run barrage, Lee was sidelined with three injuries and struggled to find his form when he returned. In the meantime, foreign-born Austin Dean took over at first base, the position Lee was originally slated to play. Lee started occasionally when a left-handed pitcher was available, and he was given the opportunity to pinch-hit, but he struggled to find his form and was often sent to the second team. He gradually lost confidence. In September, I was called up to the expanded roster.

When he was sent down to the second team on October 1, there were doubts that he would be dropped from the Korean Series roster. But on October 14, Lee returned to the first team and started as the No. 8 designated hitter against Doosan in Jamsil, proving his worth when the team needed him most. 먹튀검증

Facing Doosan Bears’ left-handed starter Brandon Waddell, Lee Jae-won struck out looking in the bottom of the third inning and was retired on a grounder to the pitcher. He struggled with the count, but with one out in the bottom of the eighth inning, trailing 1-2, he tied the game against Chung Chul-won. In a 2B2S, he lined a 133-kilometer slider over the wall in left field for a game-tying solo shot. A home run at the right moment. The ball sailed over the top of the left-field bleachers. It was Lee’s fourth home run of the season.

LG has a shortage of right-handed hitters. First baseman Austin Dean and catcher Park Dong-won are the only right-handed hitters on the roster. The only left-handed starters are Kim Min-sung and Lee Jae-won. If you don’t start Lee Jae-won, you can pinch-hit against a left-handed pitcher later in the game. A big hit like that can turn the tide of a game in a hurry.

It’s clear that Jae-won is a hitter with a clear weakness, which is hitting for extra bases. That’s why he’s so easy to hit against pitchers with a good changeup and good command. However, his ability to turn a mistake into a home run puts a lot of pressure on the pitcher in big games. No matter how good a pitcher is, he will make mistakes.

Lee Jae-won’s participation in the Korean Series is still unclear. A right-handed hitter. We’ll see what manager Yoon decides.