Philadelphia targets Halladay.

The Athletic reported on Monday (Nov. 29) that the Portland Trail Blazers are interested in Jerry Halladay.

Halladay is considered one of the best offensive players in the league. Known for his spidery hands that can shut down opposing aces, Halladay is also a capable scorer, averaging nearly 20 points per game.

He was an All-Star in Philadelphia before moving on to New Orleans and then Milwaukee, where he won his first championship. In that game, Halladay made a quick steal against Devin Booker to set the stage for the championship.

Halladay recently gave an interview about his desire to retire in Milwaukee. As fate would have it, his trade was announced shortly after the interview was released. Looking for a change, Milwaukee traded Halladay for Damian Lillard.

In Portland, a rebuilding team, Halladay was not a great fit for the team’s direction. They want to move him on and collect resources for the future. As a result, a number of powerhouse teams are monitoring the situation in hopes of acquiring Halladay, who is a dominant presence on both ends of the floor.

The most prominent is Philadelphia. After being plagued by James Harden drama all summer, Philadelphia still hasn’t decided where Harden will live. For a team that needs to keep its roster strong even after a trade, Halladay might be the best card to play at this point. 토토사이트

Philadelphia’s emerging rookie guard, Tyreese Maxey, is a bit of a liability on defense. With Halladay as Maxey’s backcourt partner, they might not be as explosive on offense as they would be with Harden, but they could be much more steady on defense.

According to The Athletic, “J.R. Halladay could be traded before Portland’s media day on Oct. 1. Philadelphia will make a strong push to get Halladay, and James Harden will be included in the deal.”

Portland is unlikely to want Harden, so if a trade does happen, it’s likely to be a multi-faceted deal. That said, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the Clippers, who are looking for a handler, could be involved. Along with Philadelphia, the Clippers are also rumored to be a potential destination for Halladay.

Will Halladay return to his rookie team and reunite with Joel Embiid? It will be interesting to see what happens.