The national soccer team will face Kyrgyzstan in the round of 16 tomorrow (27th). Lee Kang-in, who was the last to join the national team, will be at the center of the attack with his sharp passes under pressure.

Onnuri Reporter.


[South Korea 3:0 Bahrain/Football Group Stage Match 3 (Hangzhou Asian Games)]

This one shot showed why coach Hwang Sun-hong has been waiting for Lee Kang-in.

He wasted no time in breaking down the Bahraini defense with a single pass, and even managed to get a shot off.

Despite his long injury layoff, his trademark bursts and dribbles were still there.

Despite being the first to be substituted, Lee, who was deemed “the most impressive” by his opposite number, will be free to play like a Son Heung-min in the tournament, which starts tomorrow, and focus on playmaking.

The idea is that when Kyrgyzstan and the rest of their opponents sit deep and play “dense defense,” Lee, who is adept at beating defenders and finding open spaces, will break through with creative passes to create goals.

Baek Seung-ho and Hong Hyun-seok, who were perfect in both defense and offense in the group stage, will be Lee Kang-in’s partners.

[Lee Kang-in/ASIAN GAMES FOOTBALL TEAM: I have older brothers, friends, and younger siblings, so I think we should try to work well together and get a good result].

If we beat Kyrgyzstan, we will meet the winner of China-Qatar in the quarterfinals 스포츠토토.

Rumors spread that the Hangzhou organizers had switched the match schedule and that China would meet the Iran-Thailand winner in the quarterfinals instead of us, but the KFA said it had “received no official notification.”