South Korean men’s basketball got off to a strong start.

South Korea cruised to a 95-55, 40-point victory over Indonesia in the first round of the men’s basketball Group D at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at Zhejiang University of Zijinjiang Campus Gymnasium in Zhejiang, China.

Heo Hun led the offense with 20 points and Kim Jong-kyu scored 19 points.

Indonesia’s offense struggled in the first quarter. Early in the second quarter, Heo Hoon hit a three-pointer and scored five straight points off a pick-and-roll with Kim Jong-gyu. 28-13, a 15-point lead.

The offense was running smoothly. Lee Jung-hyun hit a three-pointer. Raghunath scored back-to-back baskets. But Indonesia was also sharp on offense. Korea’s defense was a bit sloppy. The 2-on-2 defense was intermittently out of sync.

However, their shooting efficiency was quite good. Jeon Sung-hyun even hit a three-pointer. The process of creating shots was well done by utilizing individual abilities and simple screens.

Lee Jung-hyun and Kim Jong-kyu played an exquisite 2-on-2 offense. Lee Jung-hyun’s exquisite pass went in, and Kim Jong-kyu hit a powerful dunk from the top of the key. Byun Jun-hyung’s daring breakthrough made a backpass, and Kim Jong-gyu made another make.

At the buzzer of the first half, Kim Jong-gyu made a mid-range jumper. In the end, the score was 50-31, a 19-point lead.

The difference in objective power between the two teams was clear. South Korea’s offense was quite strong, especially their overall shooting form, and their instantaneous 2-on-2 offense was good. However, there were some weaknesses in terms of mistakes and instantaneous defense. Jeon Sung-hyun, who is playing with an injury, did not look in great shape from three-point range.

South Korea’s momentum continued in the third quarter. Kim Sun-hyung came in and took the game lead, and he also ran a sharp two-on-two offense. Korea’s defensive pressure started to improve.

Little by little, the score started to increase. At the end of the third quarter, they experimented with a full-court press, bringing Lee Jung-hyun and Lee Woo-seok onto the court. The move and the results were not bad. 72-44, 28-point Korean lead.

In the fourth quarter, Kim Jong-kyu’s tip-in, three-pointer, and his movement was not bad. He had a two-on-two on offense, a putback from an offensive rebound, and a three-pointer. He also had a two-on-two on defense, a smooth hedge back, and his unique blocking ability.

Kim Sun-hyung’s fast break and behind-the-back pass led to a layup, and Lee Jung-hyun, Lee Woo-seok, and Moon Jung-hyun came in to strengthen the transition. In the end, Korea won.

Korea had a lot of injuries leading up to the tournament. Song Kyo-chang Osegun was out with an injury. Jeon Sung-hyun and Kim Sun-hyung are also not 100% due to nagging injuries. Ha Yoon-ki was also unavailable for the first game. 스포츠토토

In the first game of the tournament, the overall movement was dull. The tempo of the offense wasn’t very fast. However, in the second half, when he was warmed up, he checked his condition with a surprise trap and full-court press. In the fourth quarter, they had several fast break opportunities through strong transitions.

Our first-round opponent, Indonesia, is an underdog in Asian men’s basketball. It was a must-win, and it was all about content. In the second half, Chu Il-seung tested the defense they had prepared and prepared for the next game. The performance wasn’t bad considering it was the first game of the tournament and the players were playing with nagging injuries. Korea will be without some of their core players such as Qatar on the 28th and Yuta Watanabe and Rui Hachimura on the 30th, but they will still face a strong Japan.