A relegation crisis made worse. This is the biggest crisis of the season 굿모닝토토.

An official from Suwon Samsung told ‘Sporting News’ on the 25th, “Coach Kim Byung-soo has announced his intention to resign,” adding, “An official announcement will be made tomorrow (26th) afternoon. We are coordinating through internal meetings. It is difficult to say anything about his successor.”

This is the second head coach change this season. Suwon fired head coach Lee Byung-geun earlier in the season, citing poor performance. In a bid to turn things around, Suwon brought in former Gangwon FC coach Kim Byung-soo, who is known for his tactical skills.

At the inauguration ceremony of the eighth head coach of Suwon, Kim Byung-soo said, “I am fully aware of the difficult situation. People can feel fear. We need to make changes little by little. It will not be easy for the team to change in a short period of time, but I will show you how to improve with confidence,” he said, predicting Suwon’s rebound. He is determined to get Suwon back on track after suffering its first relegation since its inception.

But the reality was harsh. Even after the appointment of Kim Byung-soo, Suwon could not escape the bottom of the table. In the fateful Suwon Derby, Suwon FC suffered their first defeat of the season. They have also lost twice to FC Seoul in the Supermatch since Kim’s arrival. It took them 12 games to get their first home win. A win over leaders Ulsan Hyundai seemed to settle things down somewhat.

It was temporary. After a 1-0 win against Jeju United on March 18, Suwon fell back into a four-game losing streak. A 0-4 away loss to Gwangju FC was followed by consecutive defeats to Seoul, Daegu FC, and Daejeon Hana Citizen. They drew with 11th-place Gangwon, but dropped back to the bottom of the table.

They are in direct danger of relegation. 12th-place Suwon is headed to K League 2 without a relegation playoff. With two games left in the final round, the team will be forced to change their head coach.

There are seven games left in the final round. Facing the biggest crisis since its inception, Suwon is expected to quickly find a replacement for Kim Byung-soo. The official announcement is expected on the afternoon of the 26th.