The LG Twins don’t have a first rounder this season. They also have the 8th pick, which doesn’t give them any immediate power.

They don’t even have a big name player in this order. So expectations were low. However, LG was not going to sit idly by. LG has been diligent and tried to do what they can in the current situation.

First, LG’s first guess was a second Lee Ju-hyung.

LG team president Paik Baek-jin and assistant general manager Jung Sung-joo both said that the team’s selection of Kim Hyun-jong in the second round was made with the idea of finding a second Lee Ju-hyung. Kim was originally a shortstop, but switched to the outfield this year. Coming from an infield background, he has good shoulders and quick feet. LG’s outfield is currently comprised of Hong Chang-ki, Moon Sung-joo, Kim Hyun-soo, and Park Hae-min, all left-handed hitters. Part of the reason why Lee had to be relatively hidden behind them was because of the overlapping styles. The LG scouting team took this into consideration. The reasoning is that it is better to have a variety of styles in order to reach the first team as quickly as possible.

“It’s not that we didn’t consider Lee Seung-min, but Lee Joo-hyung’s departure is also one of the reasons we selected Kim Hyun-jong. He’s a complete five-tool player. We’re going to try to make him even better than that, as the fans are missing him a lot.” It was Team Manager Paik and the LG scouting team who recognized the potential of Lee Joo-hyung, who was pushed to the second round at the time, and selected him without taking a breath. That’s why we’re excited about Kim Hyun-jong. After Hong Chang-ki, Moon Sung-joo, and now Lee Ju-hyung, LG has such a solid outfield standard that it has created one in its own farm. 온라인바카라

There is not only a second Lee Ju-hyung. There is also a second Park Myung-geun. That would be Korea University’s 6th round pick, Jeong Ji-heon. This is the pick that LG’s scouting team believes was the best pick of the draft. At the beginning of this season, he was one of the top three sidearms alongside Bibongo’s Lee Woo-hyun and Cheongju’s Park Ki-ho. However, he recently slipped down the pecking order a bit due to his poor performance in the regular season against Yeonju.

However, the LG scouting team said, “He is a player who should be much higher than this. Isn’t that how Park Myung-geun came down last year? I think he is a player who can be utilized like the second Park Myung-geun. Team manager Paik Baek-jin was pleased with Son Bok.”

In the fifth round, Kim Dae-won was selected with a second Shin Min-jae in mind. “First of all, he’s a very fast player and an infield resource. He is a resource that can be used as a specialist right away in the first team.” In other words, manager Yoon Kyung-yeop asked the team to bring in a lot of fast players, and he was selected from that perspective. He is also an infielder and can play second base. Therefore, he was selected with the concept of a second Shin Min-jae.

In addition, the team also acquired Son Yong-jun in the third round as a college graduate resource to fill the void left by Oh Ji-hwan in the future. Son Yong-jun is significant in that he has a batting average of over 4% in the college league and has already resolved his military issues. Given the overall weakness of high school infielders this season, he’s one of those players who turned to college and is glad he did.

It wasn’t easy for LG to have high expectations in this draft. However, the key strategy for the LG Twins in this draft was to look back at their past successes and try to identify players with the potential to match them as closely as possible.