Wonju DB coach Kim Joo-sung (43) is a legend.

He is a “one-club man” who started with DB’s predecessor, TG Sambo, in 2002 and retired in 2018. He was a franchise star and legend representing the KBL. He had a more colorful career than anyone else, including two MVPs and six Best 5s.

After retiring, he worked as a DB coach and took over as acting head coach last season. This season will be the first true test for ‘Coach’ Kim.

DB hasn’t made the playoffs in the last three seasons. The team needs to reorganize. They brought in KBL proven Dedrick Lawson as their number one foreign player. Kim Jong-kyu Kang Sang-jae is there, and Lee Sun Albano, the best player in the Asian Quarterfinals, is still around. Doo Kyung-min, who has completed his rehabilitation, is also warming up, determined to make a comeback. DB is considered a ‘dark horse’ this season. I was curious about his plan. DB is currently training in Kawasaki, Japan. I met him in Kawasaki.

First of all, I was curious about the two foreign players.

“No. 1, Dedrick Lawson, is already a proven player. All the domestic players recognize him. I was thinking of a big man as the No. 1 pick, and I think I got lucky.” “With Lawson, Kim Jong-kyu, Kang Sang-jae, and Shin Min-soo, I think we can have a diverse frontcourt lineup. We will continue to test and develop a defense that fits the combination.”

He didn’t hesitate to use the “triple post. In his playing days, Kim used to form a “triple post” with himself, Yoon Ho-young, and a foreign player. It was the so-called ‘DB acid’.

“Of course, the triple post is different from then and now. I think its utilization value will be greater. I will actively use it this season.”

Kim’s triple post during his playing days had strong post and defense capabilities. At this point, the triple post has a lot of versatility. Lawson, Kang Sang-jae, and Kim Jong-kyu can all shoot from the outside, and Lawson and Kang can run big-big 2-on-2 offenses. However, there may be a weakness in perimeter defense.

“If the opponent has an authentic big man, I won’t force Lawson to play one-on-one defense,” Kim said. I’ll set up a formation that relieves the burden of defense, and my task is to create a system that allows Lawson to focus more on offense.”

When you have a true big man, you can’t defend him one-on-one. Practice taking the pressure off the defense. My homework is to make Lawson more aggressive.

DB Kyung-min Doo is also important. In the last two seasons, Doo has been hampered by injuries. He’s dedicated himself to off-season rehabilitation. He did not participate in the training camp in Japan.

“He expressed his intention to participate in the Japan training camp, but we decided it would be more effective for him to undergo high-intensity training in Korea 안전놀이터. I’m beyond the rehabilitation stage and am doing high-intensity training with running. We will closely check back after the training camp.”

Kang Sang-jae and Park In-woong have made an impact in offseason practice. Kang Sang-jae has lost about 4 kilograms of weight and has maintained a body fat percentage of around 11%. Park In-woong has added more offensive sharpness.

“He’s a No. 3 for now,” Kim said. His outside game is much better. Park In-woong has improved a lot with his shooting and fighting defense. He is a player we can look forward to when the season starts.”

What are the team colors this season?

“We are basically emphasizing a lot on defense. We are focusing on our height and trying to find a combination that can play in the triple post. We’re working on dualization so that we can use the big lineup and the small lineup at the same time. But the triple post shouldn’t mean that we can’t be active in transition. We need to be active on offense.”

KCC head coach Jeon Chang-jin and SK head coach Jeon Hee-chul see DB as a strong dark horse.

“I don’t think we’re a dark horse, we’ll have to do well quietly,” he laughed at the senior coaches’ assessment. He added, “If the existing players in the roster can maintain their form to a certain extent, I don’t think we are a dark horse, but we can compete. We’re aiming for the top six.” Lastly, the key play is Kang Sang-jae. “We need strong play on offense and defense, and he’s been playing well in the offseason. If Kang Sang-jae is solid, I think the team will be stronger.”