The much-talked-about English Premier League (EPL) club Manchester United has a new owner.

Qatar Capital, led by Qatari royalty, billionaire, and chairman of Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Sheikh Jassim, is expected to become the new owner of Manchester United.

“Sheikh Jassim has finally received approval from the Glazer family to take over the club, with a purchase price of £6 billion ($10.17 trillion),” the UK’s The Sun and other media outlets reported.

This comes nine months after the Glazers put the club on the market last November. The plan is to complete the purchase by October.

The club will now be able to build a squad that rivals Manchester City’s, backed by the power of Middle Eastern capital. With money, Sheikh Jassim is not far behind. Expectations are high at United.

In light of this, a “wish list” of Sheikh Zayed’s wants and needs has been released. The list was drawn up back in May, when Sheikh Jassim made the decision to buy the club. Due to the delay in his purchase, he will not be able to make any signings in this summer’s transfer window, so he has made it clear that he intends to sign the players on the list in next summer’s transfer window.

Local media reported that “Sheikh Jassim has been confirmed as United’s buyer and has revealed a list of 10 players he intends to bring in after he finalizes the deal. These are the players United will try to sign next year. This is great news for United, who have been on a downward spiral since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. This is the kind of force that can lead United back to the top. It’s finally here,” the report said.

“Sheikh Jassim drew up a list of players he would sign if he took over the club in May, and some of the players on that list have moved on this summer, so it’s not possible for him to do that in this summer’s transfer window. However, Sheikh Jassim will not give up and will try to upgrade the squad in earnest next summer.”

The ‘TOP 10’ list included Kim Min-jae. In retrospect, it was May when Sheikh Jassim decided to take over the club. Coincidentally, that’s when the rumors of Kim’s transfer to Man Utd started to heat up. There were reports that United and Kim had reached an agreement, his salary and contract length were known, and there were even reports that United had found him a house. However, Kim has chosen to wear a Bayern Munich jersey.

This raises the possibility that the rumors of a Kim Min-jae transfer to United could heat up again next summer. United’s owners want him, and they’re flush with cash 메이저사이트.

Harry Kane (Bayern Munich), Alexis Sanchez (Liverpool), Adrien Rabiot (Juventus), Victor Osimhen (Napoli), Dusan Blagojevich (Juventus), Frankie the Dragon (Barcelona), Hvitsa Kvarachelia (Napoli), Kingsley Coman (Bayern Munich), and Ronald Araujo (Barcelona) are all on the list.