LG Twins outfielder Moon Bo-kyung (23) made up for a poor home run with a home run and made his manager smile.

LG won the 10th game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against SSG Landers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 18, coming from behind to win 8-4 in 12 extra innings.

LG was down 0-4 in the sixth inning, but the tide turned in the top of the seventh when Moon Seung-won came on after SSG foreign starter Kirk McCarty, who had kept the LG bats in check.

Moon gave up singles to Jung Ju-hyun and pinch-hitter Oh Do-hwan. LG didn’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on Moon’s struggles with his pitches. After Park Hae-min singled, Park Dong-won singled, and Austin singled to right, LG tied the game at 4-4 when SSG right fielder Han Yoo-seom made a critical error by dropping the ball behind the plate.

The momentum seemed to have completely shifted in LG’s favor, but the ninth and 11th innings were a tense bullpen battle. In the 10th inning, Moon Bo-kyung singled up the middle and Moon Sung-joo followed with a single up the middle to put runners on first and third.

When Jung Ju-hyun came to bat, Moon Bo-kyung and Moon Sung-joo stole a double. However, Moon was thrown out trying to steal home. Moon made up for the missed steal with a home run in the 12th inning.

“With Choi Won-tae pitching seven innings, we had a plan to go into extra innings. “In the seventh inning, Park Hae-min, Park Dong-won, and Austin tied the game with a hit and an error, which changed the entire flow of the game, and in the 12th inning, Moon Bo-kyung hit a decisive home run in the most crucial situation,” he said.

After the game, Moon reflected on the 10th inning and said, “In the 10th inning, I didn’t feel good because I was out at home, but I’m really happy that the team won.” Moon was the difference in the game. 메이저놀이터

In the 12th inning of extra innings, she took a seven-pitch cutter from Choi Min-joon and smashed a solo home run over the right field fence. Moon’s home run proved to be the game-winner, and the spirited LG went on to defeat SSG with a two-run homer by Jung Ju-hyun and a solo shot by Kim Min-sung.

“Before my at-bat in the 12th inning, (Moon) Sung-joo-hyung told me in passing that I should hit a home run, but I was surprised when I actually hit one. I just saw a white ball and swung at it, and it was a home run,” Moon said with a laugh.

Some days are good, some days are bad. At times like this, I listen to my seniors’ words to keep me going. So they are grateful. “We have a lot of good seniors on the team, such as Oh Ji-hwan and Kim Hyun-soo, so I feel like we have the strength to overcome difficult situations,” Moon said.

LG has a comfortable eight-game lead at the top of the standings after taking down the second-place SSG on the day. However, Moon said, “It’s not over until it’s over,” adding, “We shouldn’t relax until the standings are finalized. We will work hard until the end so that the championship can be finalized as early as possible.”