We can’t all laugh together. Some are frustrated, and others are finding it hard to see the sky at all as the series of failures unfold in front of them.

On August 8 at 6pm in Xi’an, China, Xiaohu’s Weibo Gaming (WBG) will take on Wuji’s EDG in the World Championship 2023 Representative Selection (China) Quarterfinals.

The Shay, who had to cut down his own brother in the face of the cold reality of a World Championship (Rolld Cup), and Crisp, who had won a World Championship with his teammate, now frustrated by back-to-back failures.

Not everyone can laugh.메이저사이트 This time, it’s the turn of Xiao Hu and Wu Ji, who met at the end of the regular season and are now set to close out the year.

Xiao Hu and Wu Ji have been laughing together for four years at Royal Never Give Up (RNG). Their fondest memory was in 2017, when they gave RNG their best Rolld Cup finish ever.

Although they lost to SKT T1’s Faker’s “five straight gallio,” the two shared tears and laughter as RNG made it to the quarterfinals for the first time in their history (excluding the RC/SHR era) after a perennial quarterfinal exit.

They were also together in 2018, the year of their victory over Kingzone and the first MSI title in RNG’s history. RNG won both the LPL Spring-Summer at the time, and although they had to come up short in the Rold Cup, the two had something to smile about after three straight seasons of runner-up finishes.

There were some behind-the-scenes controversies that were never resolved, but at the very least, the two shared a number of “firsts” during their time together at RNG.

In the final game of the regular season, Xiao Hu saw Wu Ji. Especially against a now-diminished Wuji, Xiao Hu forced Wuji to drink the bitter cup with back-to-back Emperor’s Faction (Azir R) in the second set.

The defeat was bitter. One of the two teams, and one of the two people, will be in tears. But the one who slashed his teammate must move forward with a bitter taste in his mouth. They will have to carry their share of the blame on their backs.

This season’s all-important WBG-EDG clash between Xiao Hu and Wu Ji, and the lesser-known Wright and Aller, will take place on August 8 at 6pm.